October 30, 2023

University of Malta Survey Project

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We are delighted to participate in this project supported by the Maltese National Space Fund and the European Space Agency, to survey the coastline of the Maltese Island to test the viability of a workflow for obtaining a new bathymetric layer from satellite derived information.

March 29, 2023

Tips for surveying over soft & muddy bottoms

Many surveys are in areas that are less than ideal for acoustics.  These types of areas have seafloors that are soft and comprised mostly of mud as opposed to sand or gravel. The multibeam transmitter emits an acoustic pulse that reflects mostly off of the bottom and back to the…

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March 19, 2023

MultiSpectral versus Multifrequency Backscatter: A Generational Advancement

Multibeam Backscatter is a tool used in seafloor characterization, and R2Sonic‘s recent MultiSpectral Backscatter advancement dramatically improves this process.  MultiSpectral Backscatter comprises two or more frequencies collected in one-pass using an advanced sonar capable of multifrequency transmissions, either interleaved or simultaneous. MultiSpectral Backscatter should not be confused with MultiFrequency Backscatter Older sonars can collect Multifrequency Backscatter…

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March 29, 2023

MBES can’t be IHO compliant and here is why

MBES and the IHO SP44 Standards for Hydrographic Surveys The International Hydrographic Organisation, based in Monaco, published the 5th edition of Special Publication No 44 Standards for Hydrographic Surveys in February 2008.  SP44 sets forth the minimum standards for survey accuracy. By 2008, multibeam echosounders had been well established as standard equipment for hydrographic…

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