MA3® Multi-Aspect Hydrospatial Survey System

What makes Voxometer® revolutionary

New patented MA3® Multi-Aspect operating principle, whereby multiple, real-time observations of each voxel are carried out at multiple aspect angles, at increased survey speed. MegaRes® offers the highest resolution possible with a 1MHz operating frequency – more than 50% improvement in resolution. All sensors and software required to perform a hydrographic survey are included and native to the Voxometer. It is an all-in-one system powered by multiple new patented technologies, which measure voxels.

How it operates

Voxometer® provides a completely intuitive and easy end-2-end user experience. Improving every step of your survey from easy installation, simple communication set-up and simple processing of data that is clean and accurate.

What it provides

UDSD® - User Defined Sampling Density – is the world’s first operating mode that samples the bottom exactly where you want it, with the precise density you chose, providing highly accurate and precise near end-quality data.




• Multi-Aspect enabled
• Noise cancelling bottom sampling
• Simultaneous multi-mission signal processing
• Wireless SVS & tightly coupled IMU
• Intuitive data views from any vantage point, without delay
• Advanced on-line survey package
• User-friendly & smart interface
• Multiple patented modes of operation
• Increased resolution
• Precision navigation

Next level surveying for a full spectrum of applications:

- Dredging
- Offshore Energy
- Research
- Ports
- Construction
- General Survey