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VRT Finland


Superior Structural Inspections at Scale

Founded in 2010 by a pair of civil engineers, VRT Finland specializes in providing innovative 3D structural survey solutions, particularly for managing underwater assets such as bridges, ports, offshore wind farms, oil terminals, pipelines, and hydropower plants.

In search of superior technology

Before VRT's establishment, its founders worked mainly with repair planning for bridges. However, they encountered difficulties using murky videos from divers. As a result, they began exploring different scanning methods for underwater projects, leading them to opt for a multibeam echosounder that offered high-frequency measurement capabilities, with R2Sonic being their preferred choice.

Faster surveys, better data

Today, VRT offers a comprehensive service that includes physical site inspections, data processing and analysis, expert interpretation, reporting, and guidance, all of which are accessible via its web-based asset management platform, GISGRO. The company conducts approximately 200 projects per year all over Europe, thanks to its Sonic 2024 and 2022 equipment and experienced field team that can achieve high point densities of up to 1500-2500 points per square meter and centimeter-level accuracy. VRT's turnaround time for processing 1km of survey data is just one day, and the same person who does the data acquisition also handles the post-processing.

Trusted capabilities

VRT has built a reputation worldwide for providing high-quality 3D data. The company's clients include private companies and even its competitors, who seek similar equipment and capabilities. As demand for its services increases across Europe and Scandinavia, VRT continues to maintain its position as a leading provider of superior structural inspections at scale.

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