Case Studies

Van Oord


Van Oord’s Efficient and Innovative Solutions with Multibeam Echosounders

Founded in 1868 in the Netherlands, Van Oord is a leading contractor in dredging, marine engineering, and offshore projects with one of the world’s largest dredging fleets. To offer innovative solutions to marine challenges, it is critical for the company to operate the world’s most advanced equipment – sonar for marine construction is a high-tech industry. Surveying is an essential element in the planning and execution of Van Oord’s maritime construction projects.

The Challenges

The visionary construction projects of Van Oord’s clients can only be realized by the best people working with the latest technology. Their success depends on continually shifting the boundaries of technology and providing the most accurate hydrographic and bathymetric surveys possible. Making a good decision depends on fast, clean data. Although Van Oord has one of the largest dredging fleets in the world, they often use local vessels of opportunity for their survey projects. While this practice has its benefits – cost savings and speed – it also has its drawbacks. The survey team needs to be able to adapt to the survey equipment fast and use it accurately.

How We Helped

Van Oord has used R2Sonic’s equipment on high profile projects such as the Suez Canal and the Palm Islands. With the use of the R2Sonic multibeam echosounder, Van Oord surveyed the seabed, looked for obstacles, and detected depth accurately for its dredgers on a daily basis. The survey team analyzed the data quickly and transmitted it back to the project manager the same day, often within an hour or two of the survey. R2Sonic filters out noise, spikes, and double echoes very well, providing fast, clean data for the project managers to make decisions. In addition, the equipment is user-friendly and easy to install. The equipment can be run by a crew with little R2Sonic experience – whether they are using a 2026, 2024, 2022, or 2020.

Results and Future Plans

With proven results and unmatched performance, R2Sonic systems produce reliable and remarkably clean data with maximum user flexibility. Van Oord has a team of engineers dedicated to writing quick guides for the equipment. The R2Sonic multibeam echosounders are easily shipped, saving Van Oord time and money.

In addition, the equipment can be mounted to just about any vessel available, making it convenient for Van Oord to use vessels of opportunity. The R2Sonic equipment has helped Van Oord gather data efficiently and analyze and report on that data quickly, ensuring multi-million dollar projects run smoothly.