Case Studies

Seaviews – characteristics of the bottom floor


Sonic 2022 for Shallow Water Surveys

Seaviews, a French company specializing in coastal hydrography, has been utilizing a multibeam echosounder Sonic 2022 since 2015 to extract environmental information of the seafloor and water column. The Sonic 2022's small form factor enables easy deployment on small vessels, making it ideal for shallow water surveys.

Bathymetric Data Analysis through Algorithms

To determine the nature of the seafloor and detect fish schools within the water column, Seaviews has developed specific algorithms. The bathymetric data is analyzed using a new rugosity index, which reveals the unevenness of the seafloor, highlighting Mediterranean meadows, rocks, and artificial structures. Seaviews has also developed an automated system to compute the acquired data types (bathymetry, rugosity indices, backscatter imagery) through a pixel-based classification of the seafloor. This mapping method provides high-resolution 2D maps of marine habitats critical in defining environmental initiatives by government agencies

Water Column Map of Schools of Fish

With the ability to collect bathymetry, backscatter, and water column data simultaneously, Seaviews has utilized the water column data to map schools of fish in 3D. A dedicated algorithm detects, counts, and positions fish targets in the water column.

3D View of the Seafloor Ecosystem

By merging the water column and marine habitat information, Seaviews generates a 3D view of the Mediterranean underwater environment, providing valuable insights into how marine ecosystems work.