Key Words for our future team:

Unleash full potential, Team spirit, No-drama environment,
Cutting edge high-tech and FUN!!

Sales and Marketing

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for the company’s marketing and communications strategies, overall branding and image and maintaining the Company’s social media presence. You will prepare and execute annual marketing plans, campaigns and events, analyse the market and competitors, and prepare customer training material, adopting a hands-on approach.

We expect you to have a strong technical background, solid organizational skills, be experienced in preparing for and participating in international exhibitions and events, and be proficient with using  social media tools to effectively implementing its marketing strategies.

Sales Administrator

As a Sales Administrator, you will play a vital role in the company’s sales initiatives which supplies cutting edge high-tech products to customers Worldwide. You will be assisting customers by preparing proposals and conducting subsequent follow-ups, processing sales orders, and coordinating meetings and product demos around the globe.

We expect you to have a strong technical background, solid organizational skills, be experienced in preparing for and participating in international exhibitions and events, and be proficient with using social media tools to effectively implementing its marketing strategies.

Technical Sales

Reports to VP sales, this role will carry out the customer acquisition strategy in the European markets. You will build a close relationship with the distributors and the end customers in the region, helping them to be successful in their survey projects.

We expect you to have a good understanding of different sensors that are commonly used in hydrographic surveys. We expect you to have experience dealing with an international customer base within a technical, economic sector, are familiar with global logistics, have a customer-centred approach and have a pleasant personality.

Support and Demo

Technical Support

The Technical Support role will be responsible for answering support questions for R3Vox. R3Vox provides 365/24/7 support to all end users around the world. This role requires deep knowledge of how hydrographic surveys are conducted. It also requires the individual to have full knowledge of installing, maintaining, and operating R3Vox products. Timeliness to address customer questions and knowledge proficiency are the two key anchors to be successful in this role.

Senior Hydrographer

The primary responsibility of the senior hydrographer is to perform product demonstrations for R3Vox around the world. The individual needs to build a thorough understanding of our demo vessel, independently mobilize/demobilize the demonstration mission, showcase R3Vox system capability, and collaborate with technical sales rep to answer customer needs.

Research and Development

R&D Manager

The ideal candidate will have at least 15 years of experience with the specification, design and application of underwater acoustic products, systems integration of ancillary sensors and software, and compliance with applicable standards. Knowledge of hydrographic surveying and underwater inspection applications are central to this position. You will be building a team from the ground up covering systems engineering, low noise analogue electronics, efficient power amplifiers, embedded FPGA based signal processing hardware and firmware, underwater packaging of pressure tolerant electronics, as well as applications software.

Senior Analog Electronics Engineer

This position requires skills in the design and construction of wideband low noise, low power analogue front ends, experience with elimination of electrical noise, understanding of compact high efficiency power amplifiers, power supplies, high power transformer design, and troubleshooting of ground loops. Ideally, the candidate has experience with Altium PCB layout software and the use of advanced lab instruments.

Senior Digital Engineer

This position develops the processing hardware architecture, selects parts, designs schematics and performs PCB layout, PCB bring-up, prototype test and final product development. Good understanding of standard peripheral interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet, I2C, DDR memory, high-speed serial communications.

Senior FPGA Developer

In the Senior FPGA Developer role, we are looking for experience in highly optimized FPGA based signal processing, peripherals, and controls. The steps typically involve bandpass filtering, band splitting, replica correlator, target detection and tracking and backscatter measurements. Candidate must be fluent in Verilog and C.


Finance Manager

As Finance Manager, you will be responsible for the company’s financial accounting process producing timely and accurate management accounts and financial reporting, budgeting, and supporting reporting, adopting a hands-on approach.  You will also communicate with external advisers and auditors and manage tax and compliance for local and foreign jurisdictions as required.

We expect you to be experienced in the whole financial accounting, reporting and compliance process within a manufacturing environment, be in possession of ACCA or equivalent qualifications and be familiar with IFRS accounting standards, local and international applicable laws and regulations, while possessing a strong competence in MS Excel.